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Wow Look I Updated For Once

So. Uh. As usual I kind of forgot this existed. Oops? Sorry, guys!

My life pretty much consists of school right now. Calculus combined with linear algebra is like opening a can of whoopass on your life. I did 96 calc problems and 17 linear algebra problems in three days to give myself a homework free Thanksgiving break. And now that it's done I don't know what to do with myself. O o p s.

I registered for my classes for next quarter and I am in love with my classes! I'm taking CompEngineering 12 which is assembly language, CompSci 20 which is a game design class, and CompSci 25 which is 3D modeling! All CE and CS classes, hallelujah! Two math classes is killing me right now because I hate them, and my third class sucks balls as well so I'm looking forward to all classes I will enjoy! Looking forward to it so much.

My residents (or kids or chickadees) are really great for the most part but. Sometimes they are exhausting. Like how one of them stopped by my room tonight because she hadn't signed up to stay over break and now I have to enter her into the doc tomorrow. Ugh. Or the ones who live next to me and probably hate me. But I have some chickadees that I love love love which makes up for it. They're the cutest.

This is also the season of I'm Busy Sorry Here's A Hiatus. School work is kicking my butt so hiatus until I get home on winter break, but I'll have to hiatus after that very soon. I've got possible jury duty for a week and then the following week is ~float decoration~ which means I will just die of exhaustion every night. But I wouldn't trade float decoration for anything in the world, I love it too much!

Uh, this turned out to be long. I might do another holiday cards thing if I decide I won't massive fail like I did last year. Yep. Toodles, you lot.
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